Business Solutions

Online consumers have access to a variety of network-enabled software tools, so businesses are facing fierce competition not only in expanding their customer base but also in retaining profitable clients. Placing more emphasis on the consumer coupled with the power of multi-channel integration is the key to building a loyal customer base and sustained business growth. Business community has a need to become more agile and re-use corporate assets in more creative and intelligent way.

Our company is partnering with organizations who are market leaders in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Utility and Retail Industries helping them to transform their business and provide a superior customer experience to their clients.

Our innovative Online Services provide more cost-effective alternative to traditional packaged applications helping enterprises achieve their business objectives in shorter time and be ahead of the competition. Focused on the business solutions, Fortux is specialized in delivering online services which are easier to deploy, more intuitive and provide greater data security than most client-installed applications. With an online platform, a broad spectrum of users can be supported across many functional areas of the business.

Our personnel of well-known IT professionals is dedicated to provide quality assistance to your organization:

  • Shape the vision to become a customer services oriented company;
  • Architect your internal information systems to be ready for the next wave of online services;
  • Increase reliability, scalability and functional usability of software applications;
  • Reduce implementation, training, and ongoing support time;
  • Minimize overall business risk with greater data accessibility and security.
Our services are designed to help you address the recent shift in corporate priorities:
  • Pervasive issue of cost reduction
  • Expansion and extension of the ability to collaborate internally and externally
  • Creative innovation of business processes and models
  • Business optimization leveraging existing and new information base
  • Any-to-any information system connectivity
  • Resource and asset reuse
Our strong vision coupled with excellence in execution is the key in delivering business solutions which will enable your company to grow and fully realize market potential.

Fortux Online Services

Fortux Online Services are helping consumers to improve their lifestyle and bring a unique user experience. Businesses, on the other hand, receive an innovative and more cost-effective alternative to achieve their objectives compared to the deployment of traditional packaged applications.

Fortux is specializing in delivering online services which are easier to deploy, more intuitive, and provide greater data security than most client-installed applications. With an online platform, a broad spectrum of users can be supported across many functional areas of the business.

Fortux Business Network

Our business network opens a wealth of opportunities for service providers.

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Business Partners

Fortux is recognizing the complexity behind modern enterprise infrastructure and the value of partnering with IT industry leaders. We jointly deliver solutions that create the platform for growth and sustainable business value to our customers. Our selected business partners are:

  • IBM
  • Red Hat
  • Hewlett-Packard

We leverage technology platforms provided by Oracle (including AquaLogic and WebLogic product lines) and SAP (including NetWeaver integration platform). Our ability to deliver complete IT solutions is supported by partnerships with the following technology consulting experts:

Clarionics is a Toronto based consulting firm that specializes in the design, development and integration of complex enterprise security and identity management solutions, helping their customers to bring together processes and technology to effectively and practically solve business challenges.

Clarionics Inc.

Corporate Information

Fortux is a services company which enables businesses to improve their productivity through our innovative solutions in the areas of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Business Management. Fortux Technology Consulting provides a modular portfolio of professional services that includes service-oriented transformation, solution architecture, design and development of Business and Operations Support Systems based on enterprise middleware. Fortux Online Services help people improve their lifestyle by exploiting the untapped potential of Social Computing and Semantic Web.

Our strong vision coupled with excellence in execution always leads to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our professionals have a proven track record of employment with IT industry leaders and demonstrate unique ability to scale from high-level arhitectural vision to hands-on solution delivery.

If you have any questions regarding our services, you can send us an email to